Hello World! The alpha version of Lunar Axe is online

Hello World!

I'm Kassio, producer and one of the developers of Lunar Axe Game. The new project of our Studio (Ops Game Studio).

We're really happy to bring the first version of our game to the world. Had been a long journey and hard work to get here on the Alpha version and i'm excited to bring news about the project, see people enjoing our game and tell wich expectations and experiences the game is providing. For us, its amazing to see different visions about our project and try to do the best we can.

Lunar Axe was created to bring legends and stories from Maranhão-Brazil to the world in a new and interesting way. The player will explore real locations and meet historical characters while joining on a mystical journey to save the city of São Luís.

Our nexts steps are Demo Version on Steam Spring Festival in Octuber/20 and we're planning the official release of Lunar Axe to the mid-2021.

I hope you enjoy the game and comment for us what do yout think, all suport and comments are important to make the best game for you.

If you want to know more, please see our SITE or TWITTER and stay tunned on news

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